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The highly-trained staff at the All Guard Security,Inc. UL listed alarm monitoring station is dedicated to providing you with the most responsive and reliable monitoring service. We want your security system to provide you with the best protection possible, and we recommend that you take the following actions when operating your security system:

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  1. Stay calm and do not panic.
  2. Follow your emergency action plan.
  3. If the alarm activation was accidental, carefully disarm your system per your system's instructions.
  4. After you have reset the system, wait for the All Guard Security, Inc. Monitoring Station to call you to verify the alarm status. Be ready with your Password and/or All Clear code.
  5. Don't leave your home or business until you've spoken with the All Guard Security, Inc. Monitoring Station and assured us there is not an emergency.

Remember - In the event of an alarm the All Guard Security, Inc. Monitoring Station will attempt to contact the premises to verify the alarm before dispatching the police or calling other emergency contacts. We request that you do not call the All Guard Security, Inc. Monitoring Station to cancel the alarm. Please be ready to answer your phone and know your Password and/or All Clear code to verify the alarm. So All Guard Security, Inc. can call and not encounter a busy signal, we request that you do not use the phone at the premises unless necessary. Our goal is to help you reduce false alarms.

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Regular testing of your security system can help insure its proper operation at the time of an emergency and help prevent false alarms. All Guard Security, Inc. recommends that most customers test their system once per month.

To Test Your Security System:

Please call All Guard Security, Inc. at 1-901-324-9999 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will give you instructions on how to test your system.

You must notify All Guard Security, Inc. when you will be testing your system to prevent the alarm monitoring station from dispatching authorities to respond to your alarm signal and avoid false alarms.

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