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New Customer

New System

Our Authorized Dealer has just installed an All Guard Security, Inc. monitored security system in your home or business. The All Guard Security, Inc. monitoring station has been provided with the emergency response information you gave at the time of installation, and is ready to respond to signals from your security system.

You will receive a notice in the mail from All Guard Security, Inc. that the Authorized Dealer that installed your security system has assigned the alarm monitoring agreement you entered to All Guard Security, Inc.. As such, All Guard Security, Inc. will assume all monitoring, billing, and service responsibilities for your security system per the terms of the alarm monitoring agreement.

We at All Guard Security, Inc. would like to express our appreciation for having you as a valued customer. Our highly-trained staff at our UL listed alarm monitoring station is dedicated to providing you with responsive and reliable monitoring service.

Your Authorized Dealer and All Guard Security, Inc. will continue to work together to support you and service your security system. All Guard Security, Inc. will, in fact, dispatch your Authorized Dealer to perform emergency on-site service if required.

Please note that in the future:

  1. Invoices for monitoring service will be issued monthly by All Guard Security, Inc., and payments should be made directly to All Guard Security, Inc..
  2. Should you need to contact All Guard Security, Inc. regarding monitoring or on-site technical service, you may use the following number. Please have your Customer Number and Password or All Clear when you call:

Customer Service 1-901-324-9999

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a All Guard Security, Inc. customer and to let you know we look forward to serving your security needs. Please call us if you have any further questions.

A Note on Equipment Warranty Service:

The Authorized Dealer that installed your system will remain responsible for providing equipment warranty service per the terms of your alarm system purchase agreement. However, you may still place requests for warranty equipment service with All Guard Security, Inc., and we will dispatch your Authorized Dealer to perform the required repairs.