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As a new customer, you can look forward to the finest monitoring service and customer support possible. Whether you have just received a new security system, or if your service has recently been transferred to All Guard Security, Inc., you will receive the highest levels of service and support available from one of the mid-south's leading security companies and its UL listed central monitoring station with a reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction.

As an All Guard Security, Inc. customer, you can count on us for all your support needs including:
  • Central Station Monitoring Service
  • Central Station Monitoring Service Questions
  • Changes of address, phone numbers, permit numbers
  • Updates of Emergency Contact Information
  • Equipment Operation Assistance
  • Billing Questions
  • Equipment Repair


For more information regarding your service with All Guard Security, Inc., please select one of the following options:

For Metro Alarm PERMIT Information

For Customers with New Security Systems

For Customers with Monitoring Service Transferred or Assigned to All Guard Security, Inc.

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