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False Alarms Can:
  • Prevent the Police or Fire from responding to other higher priority matters
  • Make your security system less reliable
  • Become a nuisance to you, your family, and your neighbors
  • Make you reluctant to use your security system
  • Cost you money through false alarm fees charged by your county or city


Regular testing of your security system can help insure its proper operation at the time of an emergency and help prevent false alarms. All Guard Security, Inc. recommends that you test your alarm system once per month.

You must notify All Guard Security, Inc. when you will be testing your system to prevent the alarm monitoring station from dispatching authorities to respond to your alarm signal and to avoid false alarms.

To Test Your Security System:

Please call All Guard Security, Inc. at 1-901-324-9999 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will give you instructions on how to test your system.

Prevent False Alarms
All Guard Security, Inc. and the NBFAA recommend that you take these easy steps to prevent false alarms:
  1. Insist that all users of your alarm system become familiar with how to operate the system and how to use its features.
  2. Read and retain the operators manual for your security system.
  3. Make sure everyone who has a key to your home or business knows how to operate the security system properly.
  4. Rehearse 'Cancelling An Alarm' with everyone who might use your system and make sure they know the proper code assigned to your account.
  5. Notify All Guard Security, Inc. immediately if your system does not seem to be working properly.
  6. Notify All Guard Security, Inc. if you change your phone number, or plan to move.
  7. Notify All Guard Security, Inc. when any item on your permanent record changes that would affect the accuracy of responding to an alarm at your residence or business.
  8. Test your system regularly.


Did you Know?

85% of all false alarms are caused by user error.

Remember:  You  only you  can make a difference on False Alarms!
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